Fan Question: How To Keep Him Interested

Here’s a video response to a fan’s post from a couple of days ago. It was such a good question, I thought it best to answer in a video. Her original question is below:

“Hey Austin – I just watched your live video on Facebook. You were discussing the chase..a man’s need to “hunt” and many women’s inability to allow themselves to be hunted/courted.

I am TOTALLY guilty 💯and when I heard you say that, I got this icky feeling in my gut, because I make things super easy and am soooo affectionate. It’s not difficult to know where I stand, and I’ll pretty much work around you as much as I possibly can. 


My question is how do you maintain the “hunting” once in a relationship? I find myself noticing that I am… giving too much. I would like to know if you have any tips on healthy ways to keep the chase alive without it becoming an unhealthy game? This subject really hit home for me. Thank you ❤”