From The Introduction…


The mere thought induces waves of nausea in single women all across the land. Now that I think about it, the distaste clearly isn’t just limited to women. Most guys I know would prefer an infected scrotum to navigating the dysfunctional and sometimes treacherous waters of the dating pool.

Call me cracked, but I’ve always enjoyed getting to know someone new. Though my bad boy days of pimpin’ and playin’ are far behind me, there’s still nothing quite like sitting across the table from an intelligent and vibrant specimen of human femininity. As a hot-blooded alpha male who adores women to my core, I believe every woman is a masterpiece in her own way. So for me, the process of getting to know someone new is like watching an artist paint a picture before my very eyes.

At the beginning, each woman is an unknown – a blank canvas full of potential, beauty and grace. As we get to know one another, brushstrokes appear on the canvas and a picture begins to form. Her character might be represented by brushstrokes of blue. Her personality, the addition of reds. Our compatibility might be a light shade of green, while her qualities are a soft blending of yellows. If it all comes together in a way that pleases the eye, I’ll throw myself heart-and-soul into said masterpiece and give it my all.

I’ll be candid, when it comes to dating and romancing a woman, I know what I’m talking about. I used to be a MAJOR player. In other words, I was a dating madman of the highest order. Both in college and in the aftermath of my divorce, I went wild. I plundered the profiles of Match.com, charmed Plenty Of Fish in the sea, and romanced the socks off any woman in Southern California who tickled my fancy.

It was a glorious time.

I share this not to brag, but so you know I’ve got your back. You’re in good hands with your buddy Blood because I know every trick in the book guys use. And because of what I’ve been through, I can help YOU steer clear of pitfalls and land mines that might otherwise sabotage your chances for finding the relationship you’re looking for. Believe me, you WANT a reformed bad boy in your corner. After all, who would you rather take advice from? Some PhD preaching textbook theory from his pulpit on high or the guy who’s lived it and has the battle scars to prove it?

In addition to plenty of “real-world” experience in the trenches of love and loss, I’ve also had the good fortune to mentor literally thousands of women in a professional capacity as one of the top relationship mentors in the country. Both experiences have given me a unique perspective on how women conduct themselves when they’re first getting to know a man.

Sadly, that experience has shown me that many a good woman torpedoes her chances with exceptional men right out of the gate. Without even realizing it, these ladies send good guys running in the other direction by committing a number of innocent yet entirely avoidable mistakes.

So if you find yourself perpetually single or attracting more than your fair share of douchebags these days, there’s a good chance you’re probably committing several of these cardinal sins without even realizing it.

Hence the purpose of this book.

Contrary to what you may think, finding a good man and creating a healthy relationship with him isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think. And despite what your girlfriends might say, you don’t need a set of night goggles and a compass to find a man who curls your toes and rocks your world. Believe me when I tell you that good men are ALL around you. They’re EVERYWHERE. But in order to bring them into your orbit, you have to realize some basic truths about yourself as a woman and then combine that with a simple understanding of what makes men tick. To help you with this, I’ve created this book, which is broken up into two parts:

1. Sins

2. Commandments.

In Part One, we’ll take a look at the three most deadly sins single women commit. These three transgressions alone stop more budding relationships dead in their tracks than almost any other.

In Part Two, we’ll cover three commandments so critical to your happiness and success that Moses himself could have carried them down from the mountain. Remember…when it comes to your relationships with men, the laws of psychology are no different than the laws of physics. If you violate them, you WILL pay the price. Said another way, you must avoid these sins like the plague and adhere to these commandments like they were carved in stone. Doing so will DRASTICALLY elevate your personal stock in the eyes of every man you meet and virtually assure that the sun will soon set on your days as a single woman.

So without further ado, let’s reveal the three deadly sins…

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