To Thine Own Self Be True

In this episode:

1. The NUMBER ONE mistake single AND married women make that devastates happiness. If you’d like to remain single forever or mire your relationship in misery, then by all means do this.

2. The most valuable lesson you could ever learn..

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Bound And Gagged

Unless you’ve been living in a monastery or convent for the past year, you’ve noticed the massive surge in popularity of erotic literature for women. These are not your mother’s romance novels. This new breed of racy erotica is the real deal. Every naughty scenario your wicked brain can imagine is played out with great relish and descriptive flair. It’s a good time to be a woman…..

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Mother’s Day Tribute 2015

I’ve always thought children are kind of like poorly-timed bursts of flatulence. You can tolerate them if they’re your own, but other people’s are simply unbearable. So in commemoration of this and other challenges of motherhood, I am hereby tasking my pen this Mother’s Day weekend to acknowledge moms everywhere for all that you do.

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An Ode To Women; Part Two

Since time immemorial, the fairer and finer sex have impacted men to the deepest levels of our soul. To me, there’s no question why God created Adam before he created Eve. Even exalted deities do better work the second time around. And the Good Lord’s over-the fence-grand slam on day six of creation is history’s finest example of the sequel trumping the original. This is the second part of my tribute to the amazing creature known as woman.

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Project Mayhem

When I was in college, I could always be counted on to create stratospheric levels of mayhem on a regular basis. Whether it was looting a sorority house of every last pair of panties, laying waste to the dorms with an arsenal of fire extinguishers or returning three incinerated rental cars to the shell-shocked agents at the Hertz counter, I’ve had more fun over the years than any juvenile delinquent ought to be allowed to have. Thankfully for error-prone mortals like you and I, failure, and most importantly, learning from failure, can be the road to wisdom and success. Here is one such tale….

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