License To Bang!

I’ll never forget the look on Leah’s face. “Do it, Baby!”, she said. The words spat out of her mouth with such a ferocious intensity that I almost lost it then and there. The look of lust in her eyes told me there was no mistaking what she wanted me to do to her. Being the typical male, I was all too happy to oblige. It was just after midnight and Leah and I been working each other over into […]

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One-on-One with Dr. Drew

Join me as I sit down one-on-one with Dr. Drew Pinsky for a frank and open conversation about the differences between men and women and what you should never compromise on if you’re a woman.

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Dating Disaster

Austin – I am a 42 year old, divorced mother of two boys. I have been back in the dating world for about 3 years now. I have met some amazing men too. They just don’t seem to stick around long enough to develop a ‘real’ relationship. My relationships start out great and exciting but it never fails that I start talking about the future and they run and hide. I just can’t seem to find a man that will commit to me for more than 3 months. All I want is a stable, monogamous committed relationship! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Why Do Men Lose Interest In Romance?

Does romance always end when couples get married? Juliet thinks so and is quite concerned. Especially since it appears her Romeo appears has taken a vacation. So understandably, she wants to know…will he ever return? And does romance always end when people get married? What say you? Some folks say yes. Some say no. Blood sez…

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Generation MILF

I assume most of my readers are familiar with the acronym, MILF. If not, I think Wikipedia says it best…“A common colloquial term generally regarded as vulgar, yet denoting a sexually attractive older female; generally between 30 and 50 years of age.” I couldn’t have said it better myself. In my opinion, most women definitely become more attractive as they grow older. No doubt about it. This article is my tribute to these women.

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