Neighborhood Cat Fight

My husband has been having an affair with one of our neighbors for over a year. I pretended it was my imagination and thought I was just being paranoid. But my suspicions were right and I have proof. My question to you is should I confront the other woman and should I tell her husband? Yvette

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Office Hanky Panky

I’m really attracted to a guy I work with. I guess you could say we flirt all the time with sexual innuendos but nothing physical. I don’t want it to go down that road because we’re both married with kids. I really cherish my relationship with him and don’t want it to end. He has become a great friend and confidant. Is this really so bad if we don’t cross any lines? Liz

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His Wife Is Cramping My Style

I’ve been seeing a married man for the past two years. We are in love. His wife makes his life miserable every day. We’ve talked for some time about being together but I don’t see him taking the steps towards making this happen. He says he loves me, but can he really love me if he refuses to leave his wife? Would appreciate your thoughts, Austin. Georgette

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