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Social Media Booty Call

Unfortunately, it’s A LOT easier to cheat than it used to be. I believe we’re on the verge of an another exponential explosion in the infidelity rate. This is the reason why…

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Ya know what’s effed? I’ll tell ya what. Your entire concept of beauty and perfection as you know it. I wish I were kidding, but I’m not. Buckle up and strap in because what you’re about to read will forever change your concept of beauty and perfection as you know it. And that’s a good thing. Trust me….

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Project Mayhem

When I was in college, I could always be counted on to create stratospheric levels of mayhem on a regular basis. Whether it was looting a sorority house of every last pair of panties, laying waste to the dorms with an arsenal of fire extinguishers or returning three incinerated rental cars to the shell-shocked agents at the Hertz counter, I’ve had more fun over the years than any juvenile delinquent ought to be allowed to have. Thankfully for error-prone mortals like you and I, failure, and most importantly, learning from failure, can be the road to wisdom and success. Here is one such tale….

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Modern Genius

I just finished reading the biography of the late Apple CEO, Steve Jobs. To say that it was a fascinating read would be a massive understatement. Stories of the guy are legendary and though Jobs gets a lot of bad press for his tyrannical temper and manipulative behavior, I’m more convinced than ever after reading this book that he’s one of the most extraordinary individuals of the modern era.

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The Happiest Place On Earth

Disclaimer: Very few people know I have a twin. It’s not something I speak of publically for it is a very delicate matter within my family. This is because my twin is an evil twin. He looks exactly like me. He sounds exactly like me. But he most definitely does NOT act or think like me. At the present moment I am bound against my will and held captive his lair. Sadly, the price of my freedom is he be allowed to share his observations on life with my readership. So it is with much regret I now grant this forum to unleash his warped and bizarre persona upon the good people of

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