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How To Heal Your Broken Heart

Dear Austin – Got any advice on how to let go of a relationship? The love of my life and I broke up about nine months ago and I feel stuck. I can’t seem to move on with my life. I spend much of my time living in the past, wondering what I could’ve done differently and accepting the fact that I might always be alone. I feel like a dagger has been embedded into my heart and I simply have to learn to live like this now. Why is it so difficult for me to move on without him? – Jessica

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Dating Disaster

Austin – I am a 42 year old, divorced mother of two boys. I have been back in the dating world for about 3 years now. I have met some amazing men too. They just don’t seem to stick around long enough to develop a ‘real’ relationship. My relationships start out great and exciting but it never fails that I start talking about the future and they run and hide. I just can’t seem to find a man that will commit to me for more than 3 months. All I want is a stable, monogamous committed relationship! Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Why Do Men Lose Interest In Romance?

Does romance always end when couples get married? Juliet thinks so and is quite concerned. Especially since it appears her Romeo appears has taken a vacation. So understandably, she wants to know…will he ever return? And does romance always end when people get married? What say you? Some folks say yes. Some say no. Blood sez…

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Complement Not Complicate

How does a woman blow a man’s mind? Every day I receive emails from women all over the world asking some variation of this question. While each woman’s situation is unique, the stories themselves are very much the same. They can’t meet a decent guy. They’re a magnet for jerks. They can’t get the guy they’re with to commit. Always the bridesmaid and never the bride. You get my point. This article unravels this mind-boggling mystery that has plagued women through the ages.

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Friends With Benefits?

Austin – I’ve had two separate Friends with Benefits (FWB) relationships in the last few years. Since then, I’ve found a new FWB and it just ended by his choice this week. He just stopped calling with no reason and hasn’t responded to any of my texts. Austin, how do you feel about FWB arrangements and how can women like me who crave love and validation from men stop sabotaging themselves by accepting an FWB arrangement?

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