Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater?

Hi Austin. I have a question. My husband cheated on me and it only lasted 4 months. He said it was only sex and he never loved her. I want to believe when he tells me it was a mistake and it will never happen again. Can I trust him again? What do you think? Tanya

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Filandering Fiancé

My fiancĂ© and I are engaged. But he did cheat on me a couple of years ago with a co-worker. I found the texts on his cell phone. We broke up for awhile and I recently took him back. Everything was fine up until about a month ago. Now he’s keeping his phone close and private like before. My gut tells me something isn’t right but everytime I bring it up he gives me a guilt trip and says I need to trust him for our marriage to work. What are your thoughts on this? Please help. Lisa

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The Messy Beaver

My hubby wants me to watch an adult movie with him but I was brought up Catholic, so I’m having a tough time with this. I can’t imagine enjoying it much less getting turned on by it. So I googled the words “porn & husband” and your site came up. You write some funny stuff, so I thought I’d send you a note. Thanks for any advice. Michelle

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Neighborhood Cat Fight

My husband has been having an affair with one of our neighbors for over a year. I pretended it was my imagination and thought I was just being paranoid. But my suspicions were right and I have proof. My question to you is should I confront the other woman and should I tell her husband? Yvette

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BrokeBack Husband

I caught my husband watching gay porn on the internet twice this year. The thought makes me sick to my stomach. My worst fear is he could be gay. Can you help me? Susan

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